SXSW: Facebook’s Morin on Twitter

Earlier this month, Facebook senior platform manager Dave Morin shot an e-mail to TweetDeck founder Iain Dodsworth, asking him if he could build a new version of his program that would pull in Facebook status updates in addition to Twitter streams. Sure, he said, when do you want it? The answer: one week.

Just in time for South by Southwest, today Facebook announced its partnership with TweetDeck, the most popular third-party program for live streaming and filtering messages on Twitter. It’s yet another example of Facebook allowing and encouraging its users to post short, more frequent status updates.

But can Facebook and Twitter co-exist – as they will quite literally on this new TweetDeck application – for long? In the video below, I ask Facebook’s Morin this question, and about the relationship the company maintains with developers like Dodsworth.

Dave Morin, Facebook from Arik Hesseldahl on Vimeo.

On a side note, Facebook threw a shindig last night at Pangaea in downtown Austin. I asked a few employees if they use Twitter at work. “A good portion of us are on Twitter,” says Josh Elman. That includes CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who was recently discovered posting updates to the site using the handle @finkd.

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