Seeking Questions On How The Big News Brands May Survive (And Maybe Thrive)

I’m sitting here getting ready to moderate a panel for Wednesday’s McGraw Hill Media Summit, a panel that looks at the challenges that the big news organizations of the world now face.

Or: let’s just go to the panel description!

Wednesday, March 18 10:45 AM - Noon The Changing Face of News: The Power, The Influence and the Challenge of the Technologies Every morning, the national conversation is started and disseminated by the editorial voices at the major news organizations across the globe. The tradition of great print and broadcast journalism remains at the core of our democracy – in fact – it could be argued that with the rise of “new media” distribution, more individuals have access to news than ever before. Nevertheless, with the growing power of broadband, mobile, IPTV, social networks, blogs and other non-traditional news sourcing, the role, the path of the future and the general understanding of how to structure a national news gathering and distribution organization is the ongoing question for our industry. The power and voice of news continues, but the role of our great institutions is in flux. In this session, we are pleased to bring together a group of leading voices in the news media industry. Panelists: Michael Wolff, Columnist, Vanity Fair Michael Oreskes, Senior Managing Editor, The Associated Press Dick Meyer, NPR, Editorial Director, NPR Digital Media Kevin Yen, Director of Strategic Partnerships, YouTube Jon Fine, Columnist, BusinessWeek, Moderator

What questions would you ask the panelists?

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