Lay's Made For Each Other Ads: No Need For A Double Dip

There are times when I wonder if being 45 is making me too curmudgeonly. I was once referred to as such in The New York Times. No kidding. But, seriously, I’m on facebook. I tweet. I get things.

I also am a consumer of chips and dip. And I’m normally quite a fan of ads coming out of Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

But the new “Made for each other” campaign from GS for Lay’s chips and dip…I don’t know.

This is one in a series of ads that playfully, via lovely animation, depicts characters that find they are “made for each other.” But it all seems a bit too earnest for me. After all, chips and dip is either a party food or a guilty pleasure at home. I’m thinking that it’s very very hard to make people think about chips and dip as anything else. Have some fun, but let’s have some laughs.

The campaign also rubs me the wrong way by taking me to a website,, the point of which escapes me after I spent several minutes trying to make anything remotely worthwhile or entertaining happen. Nothing I hate worse than being taken to a website for no good reason.

I’m afraid I’d be the grumbly client guy ad agencies hate in the room saying….”People! People!….these are chips, and this is dip. I don’t think we should over-think this too much. Let’s be clever and amusing and entertaining. But let’s find that line between entertaining and irrelevancy, and let’s not try to cross it…shall we?”

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