Cleveland, Detroit and Tampa have the nation's worst delinquency rate for commercial real estate loans

Of the 26 largest metros, Cleveland and Detroit metros have the worst delinquency rate for commercial property loans, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Nearly 4% of mortgages for Cleveland and Detroit office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses and other commercial buildings were more than 60 days late. That’s almost 4 times the national average, according to Bloomberg.

Commercial vacancies are rising quickly as the economy worsens and many experts are predicting serious problems ahead. So far, New York City isn’t in Bloomberg’s top 5. But Manhattan landlords are already feeling the pinch and I would expect that in an extended recession, more and more of them will miss payments.

Rounding out the top 5 cities for commercial loan delinquencies:

3) Tampa: 2.9% of mortgage payments were late. 4) Pittsburgh: 2.7% of payments were late. 5) Riverside, Calif.: 2.6% of payments were late.

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