David Armano Presents At Parsons--The Micro-Sociology of Social Networks.

David Armano, the VP of Experience Design at Critical Mass, is giving a lecture in my Design at the Edge course on Monday night at Parsons School of Design in NYC and his talk is fascinating. There is a huge new field in the sociology of social media that the profession of Sociology is, by and large, ignoring. Media and marketing and advertising are doing a better job understanding it.

Here is David:

“…the premise of my talk is going to be somewhat different (hopefully) from what we see and hear in the business world which is currently infatuated with the latest and greatest bright and shiny object to hit the scene. What I’m hoping to delve into a bit more is how these bright and shiny objects influence our behaviors and how these behaviors are evolving even though our basic needs remain relatively the same.”

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