Britney, Make Way For Bernie

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Bernard Madoff now rivals Britney Spears on the Internet. Google searches in the U.S. on the disgraced financier at times have surpassed those of the tabloid princess. His alleged Ponzi scheme has also sparked a feeding frenzy in the blogosphere, with a growing number of Web sites dedicated to all things Madoff.

The blogs run the gamut from the sarcastic to the sober. At “I’m Bernard Madoff—I’m Telling All”, the anonymous author keeps a daily diary of supposed confessions, including “hints about where I’ve parked some cash, opinions about all of those that I’ve worked with, [and] some investing advice.” Collectors can buy toilet paper with Madoff’s picture for $24.

Other sites offer a support group for victims of the alleged Ponzi scheme. Madoff Help, started by financial planner Ron Stein, offers a six-step program. (Step 3: Talk to a qualified attorney.) There’s a brand-new community at Stanford International Bank Fraud for investors touched by the latest alleged scamster, Allen Stanford, accused of running an $8 billion fraud.

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