MLB 09: The Show

We dare you to find a better baseball video game than Sony's MLB 09: The Show. Instead of resting on its laurels, the company took an already excellent sports game and make it sweeter than the New York Yankees' starting lineup. In addition to the core game (with exquisite batting, pitching and fielding controls), Online Season Leagues let players hold drafts, you can improve your skills with Training/Practice Drills, record chants and player theme music, save replays to the PS3 hard drive, enjoy a 40-man roster in the game's Franchise Mode, upload custom rosters online and hop into the deep Road to the Show 3.0, where you can create a player and play both offense and defense while beefing up your stats with Interactive Training mini-games. Combine all of that with over 700 new animations, superb graphics and commentary, numerous modes, unique umpires and Adaptive Pitching Intelligence, and there's no doubt that Sony hit a grand slam with MLB 09. We just wish it didn't require a hard drive install to run.

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