CEOs Speak Out

CEOs Speak Out

"The President's proposal to set aside a $634 billion reserve fund for health care is a dose of realism. We can't accomplish anything unless we are honest about costs." — James G. Carlson, Chairman & CEO, Amerigroup

"You add all these policies up, and [Obama] could succeed in nation building. But the nation he's building is France." — Thomas G. Stemberg, Managing General Partner, Highland Consumer Fund, and Founder, Staples

"It's hard to fathom how we are going to make a profound impact on reducing the deficit at a time when we don't know the extent to which government will need to insure the stability of our markets and our economy." — Lew Frankfort, CEO, Coach

"Generally I feel the less government, the better. But during these economic times, I'm all for anything that gets the economy going right now." — Kenneth F. Spitler, Vice-Chairman, Sysco

"In November, I did something I've never done before—vote for a Democratic Presidential candidate—and of late, it's making me a little nervous." — Jonathan Bush, Chairman & CEO, athenahealth

"Because we have become a nation and government of immediate gratification, with a debt-driven consumerism and not a sound savings-based one, we now have the biggest self-imposed mess since the Great Depression—with no end in sight. — Daniel R. DiMicco, Chairman & CEO, Nucor

"I've been in health care for 32 years now and this is the first time I've seen the will to do health-care reform in a meaningful way." — David B. Snow Jr., Chairman & CEO, Medco Health Solutions

"I think the thing that will get us out [of the ditch we're in] is to go on and put a price on carbon. I'd rather do it now, in the middle of a recession, when Congress will pay more attention to the economic consequences, than at any other time." — James E. Rogers, Chairman & CEO, Duke Energy

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