Geneva Auto Show: Ford Iosis Shows New Focus

At the Geneva Auto Show, Ford Motor Co. showed the Iosis Concept. The car is pretty close to the new global Focus that Ford will unleash next year.

For the first time in a decade, the U.S. will get largely the same Focus that Europe gets. After Europe and the U.S. got the same car in the late 1990s, Ford upgraded the car in Europe while it let the U.S. version age, stagnate and finally wind up in the discount bin.

Too bad, since the original, despite early recalls and quality issues, landed on Car and Driver’s Top Ten list for a few years.

This hatchback is the favored package in Europe, while the U.S. will get a hatch and sedan. Sadly, the current Focus, improved quite a bit from the original but still lacking a few things, comes only in sedan and coupe. No hatch at all.

The production car will be toned down a little, but the shape, coming out of Ford designer Martin Smith’s “Kinetic Design” studio, is pretty much what you see.

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