Determine What Motivates You

The definition of "to work with meaning" is unique to each leader, and the leaders of small businesses are no exception. It’s helpful to reflect on this from time to time, and to realign with whatever truly fires you up. Otherwise, you can find yourself heading for goals that lack deeper meaning, as if on autopilot. Take a new and critical look at what’s important to you in your work—without judging whatever you may discover—and confirm or reset your direction accordingly. Aligning your professional life with your enthusiasm is never wrong, and will help you define and achieve a wholehearted future.

Self-coaching questions:

a. What am I finding meaningful—and not so meaningful—about my work?

b. If I’m not as fired up every day as I could be, then what changes can I make?

c. What are the one to three most effective actions I can take in the months ahead to realign my work with what fires me up?

David Peck Executive Coach and President Leadership Unleashed Palm Springs, Calif.

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