Stepping Away from the Familiar

It’s human nature to stay with what is familiar, even when we know that a big change is needed. The prospect of venturing into the unknown comes with fear and risk. After all, you’re going to have to make choices absent the reassuring guidance of past experience. It’s so easy to imagine the downside of significant change, yet we owe it to ourselves to assess the hazards of maintaining things as they are. With this in mind, weigh the risks of a change you know is scary but necessary against those of the status quo. In this practice, you will find a leader’s wisdom and courage.

Self-coaching questions:

a. In what ways am I staying in my own comfort zone as I lead my organization?

b. What changes do I know must be made but am reluctant to make?

c. What are three things I can do in the months ahead to take reasonable risks and try something new?

David Peck Executive Coach and President Leadership Unleashed Palm Springs, Calif.

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