Is the United States asleep at the wheel?

Is America asleep? It is according to Rob Atkinson, president of the Washington-based Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a non-partisan thinktank looking to promote innovation both nationally and internationally. Atkinson is the co-author of a new report, Benchmarking EU and U.S. Innovation and Competitiveness which finds that when it comes to improvement in international competitiveness and innovation capacity over the past decade, the United States has made the *least* progress of 40 nations/regions.

Atkinson also criticized the U.S.’s cavalier attitude towards innovation, comparing the nation to “an aging sports dynasty that has won the Super Bowl for many years but blithely ignores the rising performance of younger teams.” Ouch. Yesterday, I spoke to him about the report’s findings — and for his thoughts on whether this condition is terminal or redeemable. (Turns out, there is hope.) Here, listen to our fairly extensive conversation in the latest installment of our Innovation of the Week podcast series.

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