Leadership in Uncertain Times

Leaders who view uncertain times as full of opportunities tend to position their organizations ahead of the pack. Entrepreneurs and small business leaders are particularly well suited to nimble change. Both time and effort are wasted by those who buy into conventional worries and popular fears. Asking "What are the new possibilities presented by this situation?" allows for discovery and innovation, even in the face of stiff headwinds.

In fact, the more you open your mind to potential, the more you and your people will find novel ways to achieve. Relieve yourself of any gloom and grab that new sense of freedom. You’re likely to tap into answers that would otherwise remain hidden and inaccessible.

Self-coaching questions:

a. Which conventional worries and fears am I buying into, and what can I do to let them go just for today?

b. Among the new possibilities presented by this current landscape, which are at the intersection of my passion, capabilities, and economic goals?

c. What resources do I have already that I can use to turn new possibilities into probabilities?

David Peck Executive Coach and President Leadership Unleashed Palm Springs, Calif.

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