Avoid Deadbeat Clients with BusinessBeware.biz

Check BusinessBeware.biz, a Web site where contractors share tales of customers who won't pay their bills or are impossible to please
Irrigation contractor Robert Bodi launched BusinessBeware.biz in June 2008.

Over lunch last spring, as Robert Bodi listened to a buddy complain about a customer who refused to pay for irrigation work on her property, he knew something sounded familiar about the story. Bodi, an independent irrigation contractor in Venice, Fla., realized the same woman had stiffed him after he fixed some wires in her irrigation system following a lightning strike. "And it turned out, there was a third guy in our business who said she never paid him for putting in a new pump for her," recalls Bodi, a 30-year-veteran of the contracting business, who runs Rainmaster LLC. "Some people you just can't please."

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