Goodbye, Bud.Tv, and Good Riddance

Bud.TV, Anheuser-Busch’s ambitious but deeply flawed video website, is officially closed. Personally, I hope A-B closed the site down not because the bleak economy and some cruel InBev overlord forced them to give up on new-wave advertising, but because they finally realized that Bud.TV was irreparably terrible.

I never liked Bud.TV. Now that it’s closed, I wish I could visit again to confirm my dislike for the site. I admit it’s been months since I went through the enervating process of logging on (you needed your driver’s license number handy), and I imagine they made some improvements. But obviously they didn’t do enough to make it, you know, popular.

I hope Budweiser learned a valuable lesson. We’ll sit and watch Budweiser ads happily — when they’re on the Super Bowl. But online there are just too many other good sources of entertainment. Next time, Bud needs to make its site more open, more imaginative, and different enough to stand out in the cluttered world of the Internet.

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