Conducting Interviews

With a number of businesses downsizing, interviewing and hiring employees may fall on individuals who are not accustomed to the process. Here are some simple tips that can simplify the interviewing process:

• Candidates should act naturally, with confidence. If they’re selling themselves to you in a way that seems out of the ordinary, typically that is a red flag. Trust your instincts. If you hire someone who is not qualified as a result of fabricated or exaggerated information on a résumé or in the interview, nobody wins. You want someone who is confident but not cocky, and who will add value and represent your company well.

• Candidates should be prepared. To ensure the position is a good match, ask candidates what questions they have about the company or the position. This will show you if they have done their research and if they are genuinely interested in your company or just showed up for the interview. Watch their body language and look for excitement about the company and position. Find someone who is not only qualified but who fits the company environment and wants the position.

• Wrapping it up. At the conclusion of the interview, give candidates a final chance to ask questions and follow up with items discussed earlier. This is a great time for interviewees to tell you how much they want the job. This can be a key indicator of the person’s commitment and desire to work for your company. If candidates sends you a follow-up thank you e-mail, you can see who they really are.

Teegan Clark CEO and President Nexeo Salt Lake City

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