Seven Twitter Addicts Explain Twitter (Video)

What is Twitter? Is it a publishing medium, like a blog? Is it a marketplace? Or is it more of a club?

Judging by the bizarre mix of attendees to the first ever Shorty Awards, held on Feb. 11 in Brooklyn, New York, Twitter is all these things and much, much more. Produced by Sawhorse Media, the award show honored Twitter users who excelled using the microblogging site in 26 different fields, including advertising, finance, humor, news, and travel.

As award winners, guests, and members of the press shuffled around the moats and circular booths of the moody Brooklyn night club, the many different worlds of Twitter met for the first time. CNN anchor Rick Sanchez chatted up former hip-hop megastar MC Hammer. Atascadero (Calif.) small business owner Martha Van Inwegen traded tweeting tips with Veronica McGregor, the voice of NASA’s Mars Phoenix Lander feed on Twitter.

These people had very little in common, and that’s what makes Twitter such a promising platform. It’s less than three years old, yet it already has dozens of unique devoted communities of users.

In the videos below, I speak with seven different Shorty Awards attendees about how they use Twitter. There are commonalities in their responses – almost all mention that they like how personal a medium it is. But what’s really surprising is how differently these people are using the same Web site.

1. MC Hammer (@MCHammer)

MC Hammer, musician from Doug MacMillan on Vimeo.

2. Rick Sanchez (@ricksanchezcnn)

Rick Sanchez, CNN anchor from Doug MacMillan on Vimeo.

3. Gary Vaynerchuck (@garyvee)

Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Library TV from Doug MacMillan on Vimeo.

4. Rich Tucker (@cruisesource)

Rich Tucker, CruiseSource from Doug MacMillan on Vimeo.

5. Martha Van Inwegen (@MarthaVan)

Martha Van Inwegen, Action Wipes from Doug MacMillan on Vimeo.

6. Hunter Burgan (@TranquilMammoth)

Hunter Burgan, bass guitarist for AFI from Doug MacMillan on Vimeo.

7. Carri Bugbee (@peggyolson)

Carri Bugbee, impersonator of Peggy Olsen from Doug MacMillan on Vimeo.