TED via Twitter

I experimented with a few different ways of reporting from TED this year, but one consistent tool was Twitter. Its advantages were twofold: it was an easy way to broadcast details of what was going on in real time. And, second, it provides a really handy snapshot of what happened that I can use as a reference tool now the conference is over.

TED itself is such an assault on your senses — breaks between speakers are minimal and this year the breaks between sessions were also pretty short (and filled with chatting and gladhanding.) So it’s useful to refer to what I jotted down on my electronic Twitter notebook as things unfolded. Then, as I painstakingly copied my twitter feed into note form, converting it to read chronologically, the thought struck me that it might be worth reproducing in full as a somewhat strange, 140-character-centric review of proceedings.

So here it is, TED via Twitter. (For those who don’t tweet, the #ted hashtag means the tweets would show up in one feed, giving an easy way for those not in Long Beach to follow along.)

Tuesday 3 Feb, 9:22 AM heading to long beach. #ted2009 curtainraiser

Tuesday 3 Feb, 12:20 PM Just saw Ben Zander, who presented memorably last year and whose wife will speak at #TED2009. He’s so excited he can hardly stand still

Tuesday 3 Feb, 1:56 PM Uh oh. Bus trip to oil islands at #TED2009. 50 minutes and we just arrived back where we started. Fail. (Interesting chat on bus, however)

Tuesday 3 Feb, 2:17 PM Made it! Starting tour of Long Beach oil islands: 4 named after astronauts who died early in space program. Produce 32,000 barrels a day

Tuesday 3 Feb, 3:57 PM ok, oil fields tour at #ted2009 super interesting. Two large bldgs by architect who designed tomorrowland, Disneyland. Photos later

Tuesday 3 Feb, 10:33 PM blog post and pictures from long beach oil islands uploaded

Tuesday 3 Feb, 10:35 PM just spent way too long recording a video blog on today's events. turns out my mac's too old to support flip software. gah.

Tuesday 3 Feb, 11:10 PM #ted2009 great conversation this evening with nathan shedroff, who's running the new mba in design strategy program at cal college of arts.

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:10 AM Report from #TED2009 University, with presentations from Ray Kurzweil, freerice.com and others

Wednesday 4 Feb, 8:32 AM Ready for another round of TED U. First up: Adrian Hong of Liberty in North Korea with "A North Korean Tale"

Wednesday 4 Feb, 8:37 AM Schedule lied. Dan Dennett up first, on "sweet, sexy, cute, funny." He's talking Darwin

Wednesday 4 Feb, 8:57 AM Grow areca palm; mother in law's tongue or money plant and grow all the fresh air you need. c/o Kamal Meattle, CEO, Green Spaces #TED2009

Wednesday 4 Feb, 11:00 AM just test drove Aptera electric 2 seater. 100 miles/charge. $25k. Available Q4. Aerodynamic teardrop. Video later

Wednesday 4 Feb, 11:02 AM Chatted with Ron Dembo, Yale mathematician/closet architect. Launching $1 million Z prize for architects to "reskin" buildings

Wednesday 4 Feb, 11:04 AM Ok #TED2009 officially under way. Chris Anderson: "open your minds for ingenuity, wonderment and inspiration"

Wednesday 4 Feb, 11:14 AM #ted2009. Juan Enriquez: Economy=elephant in room. Need to say no to entitlements or we lose the dollar. [Poptech video worth watching too]

Wednesday 4 Feb, 11:21 AM #ted2009. Juan Enriquez showing Boston Dynamics' incredible robots. Check out the videos online

Wednesday 4 Feb, 11:24 AM #ted. Nice Enriquez quote: "as we worry about the flames of the present, keep an eye on the future."

Wednesday 4 Feb, 11:35 AM Next up @ #TED, PW Singer, military analyst/writer

Wednesday 4 Feb, 11:42 AM Singer/#TED: robotics/unmanned systems affect who of war at fundamental level

Wednesday 4 Feb, 11:48 AM Singer/ #TED: future of war as Youtube war/al Qaeda 2.0. Robots record action reshapes public's relationship to war. War becomes a soundbite

Wednesday 4 Feb, 11:55 AM Singer/ #TED: need to match 20 C laws of war with 21 C technologies. Robots emotionless: that's positive but problematic

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:00 PM 3 minute #TED talk: Yves Behar's new electric motorcycle. 150mph. Mission Motors. I'm meeting them later to find out more and get pix

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:04 PM #TED musical interlude: Naturally 7. All noise made with voice. Wow.

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:24 PM Ok #TED. Bill Gates up now to talk about rebooting philanthropy

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:27 PM #TED. Gates: hope I'm in "reboot" section because of new job and not because you have to reboot yr computer and you associate that with me

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:33 PM #TED. Bill Gates a comedian! Talking about malaria. Pretended to loose mosquitoes from jar. "Not only poor people shd have the experience" [[update: there really were mosquitoes in the jar]]

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:35 PM #ted Gates. Next question: how do you make a teacher great?

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:44 PM #TED. Gates: optimistic about school system. Namechecks KIPP (knowledge is power) schools in Houston. It's all about the teachers

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:45 PM #TED. Gates: Work Hard Be Nice book, Jay Mathews

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:47 PM #ted. Gates. "Good that mood was bleak in Davos". Don't extend problem, deal with it

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:50 PM #ted. Gates: "Do need diversity of ideas to try things out." Q&A with Chris Anderson, who has Apple laptop on lap

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:54 PM #TED. Gates: unbelievable correlation between population growth and health. Worse health = higher pop. Improve health, reduce pop by 1bn

Wednesday 4 Feb, 12:58 PM #TED. Gates: "I'm as engaged in new work as was with software. It's not about legacy; these are amazing issues."

Wednesday 4 Feb, 1:01 PM Conductor Ben Zander doing #TED shtick. Teaching audience how to sing happy birthday

Wednesday 4 Feb, 1:09 PM #TED. Nice. Culmination of happy bday, sung to TED (25th anniversary). Ricky Saul Wurman (TED founder) and Chris Anderson hug on stage

Wednesday 4 Feb, 1:34 PM #ted. Should be clear. I didn't drive Aptera; was driven. Legal and roadworthy. Cops waved as we drove by. Experience from inside v normal

Wednesday 4 Feb, 2:03 PM nipped back to hotel to upload aptera video which @mattvella promises to turn into stg watchable. upload sloooow. i want to be back at #ted!

Wednesday 4 Feb, 2:10 PM ok. upload taking way too long. not going to take laptop back to venue. will solely tweet #ted this pm and then write blog posts later

Wednesday 4 Feb, 2:58 PM #ted gift bag made from recycled coke bottles

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:07 PM #ted. Tim Berners-Lee on dev of web: "This is how innovation happens: my boss said I could do it on the side"

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:13 PM #ted. Berners-Lee: think of a world of linked data. Data is relationships

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:17 PM #ted. Berners-Lee: dbpedia. Database of linked data (all data: govt, personal, etc). Not about transparency; about improving quality of life

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:19 PM #ted Berners-Lee: Give me your raw data now! People don't want to but we need that info. Linked data gets people out of silos

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:21 PM #ted. Berners-Lee. Social networks are data. Shows slide of walled off/silo'd networks/fb/orkut/flickr etc

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:22 PM #ted. Berners-Lee: People do their bit, everyone else does theirs and it all connects

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:28 PM #ted. Short talk from Cindy Gallup. Launching website: makelovenotporn.com // use it to frame healthy conversation about sex

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:31 PM #ted short talk. Yair Landau: 17 yr Sony vet. Left to use social network (FB) to create/crowdsource CGI movie: Mass Animation

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:36 PM #ted. Nandan Nilekani, Infosys, now up to discuss the rise, fall and rise of India

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:41 PM #ted. Nilekani: Shifts in India: idea of people from burden to human capital; rise of entrepreneurs; English from colonial to global lang

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:45 PM #ted. Nilekani: ideas in progress: education (doesn't function); infrastructure (needs to be implemented); cities (neglected as un Indian)

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:46 PM #ted. Nilekani: Every province had own market. Internal globalization now building single Indian market. Critical

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:48 PM #ted. Nilekani: Labor policies need reform: 93% workers part of informal workforce. Higher Ed. also not keeping pace with demand

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:49 PM #ted. Nilekani: India can't repeat problems of west (health/pensions/environment.) Must fundamentally rethink/develop new paradigm

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:52 PM #ted. Nilekani: India fast forwarded process of a billion people attaining prosperity. Not just India's issue

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:53 PM Whew. No respite at #ted. Patti Maes from MIT up now

Wednesday 4 Feb, 3:57 PM #ted. Maes: We don't have ready access to useful info yet. Group @ MIT Media Lab worked on $350 wearable interactive camera/projector/mirror

Wednesday 4 Feb, 4:00 PM #ted. Maes: similar to MSFT Surface but this can Interact with ANY surface. Shows dialing phone projected on hand

Wednesday 4 Feb, 4:04 PM #ted. Al Gore takes stage

Wednesday 4 Feb, 4:05 PM #ted. Gore: arctic ice is the beating heart of global climate system. Shows slide of how much has gone

Wednesday 4 Feb, 4:07 PM #ted. Gore: methane released from melting ice a serious issue. Last month Antarctica reported negative ice balance

Wednesday 4 Feb, 4:10 PM #ted: Oil industry spent $quarter billion promoting oxymoron of clean coal. Reminds Gore of Joe Camel

Wednesday 4 Feb, 4:19 PM #ted. Ray Anderson. Biggest culprit in massive mistreatment of world's biosphere=biz/industry. As CEO of Interface, RA a recovered plunderer

Wednesday 4 Feb, 4:26 PM #ted. Anderson: Mission 0 incredible for business. Costs go down. No clever mktg campaign cd have created this goodwill. Halfway to 0 impact

Wednesday 4 Feb, 4:27 PM #ted. Anderson: Might not have survived last recession were it not for sustainability

Wednesday 4 Feb, 4:29 PM #ted. Anderson: will have fully sustainable industrial petrointensive company by 2020. If we can, anyone can

Wednesday 4 Feb, 5:24 PM Bugger. Missed Saul Griffith of Wattzon at #ted. But great chat with Judy Estrin, formerly on board of DIS and FDX. Will post blog/vid later

Wednesday 4 Feb, 5:26 PM Now Seth Godin talking tribes at #ted. "Find the true leaders." Shows Jobs/Gates pic. Found different but successful ways

Wednesday 4 Feb, 5:29 PM Godin talking up Tony Hsieh and @zappos and sustainable architect Michelle Kauffman for uniting communities. #ted

Wednesday 4 Feb, 5:30 PM #ted. Godin: Who are you upsetting? Who are you connecting? Who are you leading?

Wednesday 4 Feb, 6:05 PM #ted. Producer Jake Eberts talking about Oceans, Jacques Perrin's $75 million, 8 yr documentary/labor of love. DIS to release April 2010

Wednesday 4 Feb, 6:15 PM #ted. 9 min clip of Oceans. Footage is incredible (cf also Blue Planet) but to me mostly emphasizes the importance of the soundtrack

Wednesday 4 Feb, 6:18 PM Standing ovation for Jacques Perrin @ #ted.

Wednesday 4 Feb, 6:27 PM Yann Arthus-Bertrand points out impact of flying to #ted. His work shows human impact on planet: "we don't want to believe what we know"

Wednesday 4 Feb, 6:41 PM Arthus-Bertrand @ #ted. New film, Home, will be distributed for free 5 June. "it's too late to be pessimistic."

Wednesday 4 Feb, 6:47 PM Remember the "where in the world is Matt?" dancing video hits on Youtube? He's @ ted in palm springs.

Wednesday 4 Feb, 7:13 PM Regina Spektor great round off to #ted proceedings. Those overwhelmed by my tweetstorm will be relieved to hear my phone battery is dying

Wednesday 4 Feb, 11:11 PM just back in hotel after dinner for jacqueline novogratz. i really loved her book, the blue sweater. smart, human approach to philanthrophy

Wednesday 4 Feb, 11:12 PM only thing about all these events at #ted is entirely forgetting to eat (i know, i know, mustn't complain.) still, i could eat my own arm

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:49 AM Ok, TED day one round-up blogged

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:51 AM Judy Estrin, author of Closing the Innovation Gap, former CTO at Cisco and board member of DIS and FDX, on "what's next"

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:52 AM And, driving the Aptera 2e (@mattvella promises to upload the video later

Thursday 5 Feb, 8:42 AM First session, day 2, #ted. Theme: See. Oliver Sacks, Olafur Eliasson, Ed Ulbrich & Golan Levin

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:01 AM #ted. Sacks talks of visual hallucinations in visually impaired. "the theater of the mind generated by the machinery of the brain."

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:05 AM #ted: Joann Kochera-Morin (sp?) UC Santa Barb: Allosphere=artists, scientists, composers, musicians. Real data mapped visually and sonically

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:06 AM #ted. These data visualizations are accurate (she says). They're bonkersly beautiful (I say.)

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:13 AM #ted. Wonderful footage of glass blowing from Dale Chihuly

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:19 AM #ted. Olafur Eliasson. I lay in his Weather Project installation at Tate Modern for an indecent amount of time. It was a-ma-zing.

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:22 AM #ted. Eliasson: who has responsibility for what we see? His viewers co-produce the work, which inspires people to be involved

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:24 AM #ted. I can't tweet this. I'm blinded by lovehearts coming out of my eyes and shooting at Eliasson. Swoon

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:34 AM #ted. Sony Animation sneak peek of new movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Flying hamburgers! (Trippy morning.)

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:37 AM #ted. Ed Ulbrich, Digital Domain. Benjamin Button. First hour of film, completely digital Brad Pitt head (no prosthetics)

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:40 AM #ted. Ulbrich: when got green light to make Button, threw up. Had to will processes and technologies into existence

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:46 AM #ted. Ulbrich: state of art motion capture in 04 didn't cut it. Needed facial info between markers. Walked away, looked to other industries

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:56 AM #ted. Ulbrich: The "tech stew" allowed perfect mash up of live Brad Pitt and database Benjamin Button. Amazing footage of process

Thursday 5 Feb, 10:08 AM #ted. Golan Levin: where's "art" in Apple's app store?

Thursday 5 Feb, 10:20 AM #ted. Levin shows eye-capturing tech taking pictures of eyes. "typing with your eyes." www.flong.com

Thursday 5 Feb, 11:20 AM #ted. Chatted with John Winsor, VP strategy Crispin Porter Bogusky. His what's next video coming

Thursday 5 Feb, 11:20 AM Trying new #ted tactic. Laptop open in simulcast room. Missed Nina Jablonski entirely as result

Thursday 5 Feb, 11:26 AM Hans Rosling update at #ted. Check out his earlier TED talk; he's delightful and his data viz fascinating

Thursday 5 Feb, 11:30 AM #ted. Rosling: "Terrible simplification that there is one Africa. It's not respectful and it's not clever."

Thursday 5 Feb, 11:54 AM #ted. Louise Fresco: Understand where you are in the food chain. Food is about respect, sharing, honesty, identity. She baked onstage

Thursday 5 Feb, 12:05 PM #ted. Eat Pray Love's Elizabeth Gilbert on how to keep doing sthg you love when greatest success might be behind you. Managing creativity

Thursday 5 Feb, 12:12 PM #ted. Gilbert describes Ruth Stone's process for writing poetry/Tom Waits' songwriting. Collaboration with strange external force

Thursday 5 Feb, 12:23 PM #ted. Jacek Utko: what can save newspapers when no practical reason for newspapers to survive?

Thursday 5 Feb, 12:25 PM #ted. Utko: Design was just a part of the (newspaper reinvention) process, but design needs to be connected to every part of that process

Thursday 5 Feb, 12:33 PM #ted. Margaret Wertheim on the power of the crochet hook. She's organizing the crocheting of a gigantic coral reef. An ecoproject

Thursday 5 Feb, 12:45 PM #ted. Wertheim: mathematicians so blinded by symbolism, couldn't see what was in front of them

Thursday 5 Feb, 12:47 PM #ted. Wertheim: We live in society obsessed with one way of presenting information. Instead, teach complex, abstract ideas through play

Thursday 5 Feb, 2:42 PM #ted. Entrepreneurial philanthropy lunch with Carl Schramm of Kauffman Foundation. Super interesting. I'll write up later

Thursday 5 Feb, 2:45 PM #ted. Also just shot demo of pulse smartpen with inventor, jim marggraff. Great pen that records audio, translates, etc (terrible video)

Thursday 5 Feb, 3:46 PM sorry. network died #ted. just got back on. shai agassi was great. surgeon catherine mohr also fascinating, unveiling new robot for surgery

Thursday 5 Feb, 4:09 PM Broadway actress Sarah Jones making #ted audience laugh after biologist Robert Full wowed. Theme of imp. of interdisciplinary collaboration

Thursday 5 Feb, 5:12 PM #ted prizes just about to be announced. jill tarter, sylvia earler and jose abreu get one wish each

Thursday 5 Feb, 5:25 PM Jill Tarter from SETI at #ted: "is it really just us? if it is, it's an awful waste of space." More on Tarter

Thursday 5 Feb, 5:31 PM Jill Tarter #TED: "any signal we detect would have started its journey a long time ago." SETI described as "archaeology of the future"

Thursday 5 Feb, 5:35 PM "Homo sapiens is one small leaf on a very extensive tree of life ". Tarter @#ted. "Man not the pinnacle and sooner we realize that the better"

Thursday 5 Feb, 5:41 PM Tarter wish #ted: "you would empower earthlings everywhere to become active participants in the ultimate search for cosmic company"

Thursday 5 Feb, 5:54 PM Neil Turok #ted prize update (wish for african einstein). $2.6 million in scholarships; center opened in Nigeria; nexteinstein.org

Thursday 5 Feb, 5:56 PM al gore on #ted prize winner sylvia earle: "she is the voice the world needs to listen to on the crisis our oceans are facing. "

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:00 PM sylvia earle #ted: "I'm haunted by the thought of "tomorrow's child and why we didn't do something on our watch while there still was time."...

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:02 PM sylvia earle #ted: quotes Auden: "Thousands have lived without love; none without water. " 90% of earth is water. "No blue, no green. "

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:05 PM sylvia earle talking up google earth at #ted.

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:13 PM sylvia earle #ted: "nothing else will matter if we fail to protect the ocean. Our fate and the ocean are one"

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:16 PM sylvia earle #ted wish: "use all means at your disposal to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas"

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:19 PM jake eberts (previewed film 'oceans' yesterday) just stood up and promised to do anything to help sylvia earle realize her #ted wish

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:24 PM audience offers help for sylvia earle #ted: good mag pledges issue; former head of marketing strategy at coke will help with campaign

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:34 PM quincy jones introducing last #ted prize winner, jose antonio abreu, who is in caracas and will describe wish remotely

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:41 PM abreu #ted: "art in latin america is no longer a monopoloy of elites. it has become a social right, a right for all the people."

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:55 PM jose abreu's #ted wish: "create special training program for 50 musicians to develop "el sistema" in the u.s. and other countries"

Thursday 5 Feb, 6:56 PM mark churchill, dean of new england conservatory of music has agreed to help build and run program for jose abreu's #ted wish

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:18 PM Mike Milken's solution for unemployment (from #ted lunch on entrepreneurial philanthropy):

Thursday 5 Feb, 9:21 PM Blog post on Shai Agassi's talk at #ted. Great photo of TED conference hall c/o James Duncan Davidson

Friday 6 Feb, 6:51 AM mulling issue: msm use of twitter, blogs, articles etc. readers don't see difference but i write differently for all. i need to change, huh?

Friday 6 Feb, 7:33 AM thoughts on the #ted prize on my bizweek blog

Friday 6 Feb, 10:57 AM Launching #TED India, Nov 5-7 2009. Title: The Future Beckons. "Why India? India is a microcosm of the future"

Friday 6 Feb, 11:02 AM #ted's june cohen on stage. she runs ted.com. TED talks have been watched a hundred million times

Friday 6 Feb, 11:05 AM #ted talks getting subtitles/translation. 6 talks currently in 25 languages and ability for others to translate too. poptech does this too Friday 6 Feb, 11:13 AM #ted: thelma golden, director studio museum in harlem, takes the stage in palm springs

Friday 6 Feb, 11:23 AM #ted. thelma golden: "can a museum be a catalyst in a community?" artists themselves not content providers but catalysts, too

Friday 6 Feb, 11:36 AM nice quote from jennifer mather #ted: "science is collaboration, building on the work of others. it's lots of people working together"

Friday 6 Feb, 2:00 PM i skipped the official lunch and ended up eating a bag of crisps and a yogurt. i feel a bit sick now. (more searing journalism from #ted.)

Friday 6 Feb, 2:12 PM met sbdy who flew to portland for premiere of coraline, phil knight-sponsored animation feature last night. and flew back to #ted this am.

Friday 6 Feb, 2:13 PM unconfirmed rumor: guy left #ted to witness birth of child, then flew back. i really hope that's not true.

Friday 6 Feb, 2:40 PM watch twitter go bonkers. evan williams takes the stage at #ted

Friday 6 Feb, 2:49 PM "I have no idea what will happen next with Twitter". Founder Evan Williams at #ted

Friday 6 Feb, 2:54 PM @pkedrosky @timoreilly #ted 2010 theme is "what the world needs now". seems it needs that conference now

Friday 6 Feb, 3:02 PM oof. #ted tech fail. amazing demo from mit media lab phd student on synthables but sound's gone.

Friday 6 Feb, 3:22 PM I misheard. Not synthables earlier but Siftables. From David Merrill at MIT Media Lab

Friday 6 Feb, 3:25 PM pretty chaotic session of #ted. ros zander got cut short. now they lost the pianist.

Friday 6 Feb, 3:33 PM Dickson Despommier at #ted: "80% of the earth's arable land is being farmed. We're in real crisis here."

Friday 6 Feb, 3:35 PM Despommier at #ted: Within 20 years, 80% of the world will live in cities or suburbs. How to supply sustainable food & water for 10 billion?

Friday 6 Feb, 3:40 PM Despommier mentions Eurofresh at #ted. Talking of advantages of vertical farming

Friday 6 Feb, 3:56 PM Willie Smits at #ted. Saved 1000 orangutans. Gets cross with audience for applauding. "Proof of our failing to save them in the wild."

Friday 6 Feb, 4:19 PM Smits at #ted: Samboja Lestari: transformed ecological wasteland and provided sustainable income for locals. Great story.

Friday 6 Feb, 5:26 PM preview clip of where the wild things are at #ted eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday 6 Feb, 5:34 PM effect of being infected by "the virus, air" explained by wingsuit flier, ulli gegenschatz at #ted. if you haven't, watch

Friday 6 Feb, 6:18 PM lena maria klingvall on stage at #ted. she has no arms and half a leg and is a gold medal swimmer. "fish swim very well with no arms."

Friday 6 Feb, 6:21 PM klingvall giving demo of writing calligraphy with her feet. her watch is round her ankle. absolute silence at #ted

Friday 6 Feb, 6:41 PM herbie hancock performance rounding off the day at #ted

Sat 7 Feb, 07:44 today will be back to reality day at #ted, with nate silver, economist alex tabarrok, barry schwartz all up

Sat 7 Feb, 07:45 speaking of which, alex tabarrok told me an economics joke yesterday. "what's the capital of iceland?" answer: "about $20". ouch.

Sat 7 Feb, 08:40 chris anderson, curator of #ted, answers criticism that the conference hasn't addressed the economic crisis enough. quotes keynes from 1930

Sat 7 Feb, 09:03 "once something is predictable, it's designable". nate silver on palm springs stage at #ted talks about reimagining racism in america

Sat 7 Feb, 09:16 alex tabarrok on stage at #ted. "the us is becoming less of an idea leader and for that i am very grateful"

Sat 7 Feb, 09:19 tabarrok at #ted: "one idea, one world, one market." "energy is key, not oil. higher price of oil not necessarily a bad thing... drives r&d"

Sat 7 Feb, 09:41 bruno bueno de mesquita on stage at #ted. 3Qs about Iran: what will do about nuclear weapons/future theocratic regime/future of ahmadinejad?

Sat 7 Feb, 09:47 mesquita #ted: "When people say 'that's impossible', say back to them 'you're confusing that's impossible with I don't know how to do it'"...

Sat 7 Feb, 09:54 nicholas negroponte on stage at #ted. talks of "tragedy" of lengths commercial markets will go to to stop olpc. audience laps it up

Sat 7 Feb, 10:13 Behavioral economist Dan Ariely at #ted gives great talk on cheating/intuition. "Unless we test our intuitions we won't do better"

Sat 7 Feb, 10:19 head of 3ality on stage at #ted with 3d demo. see businessweek profile of the company's sandy climan

Sat 7 Feb, 10:26 ok, bw's david kiley had a point. the sobe water superbowl ad wasn't so terrible in 3d

Sat 7 Feb, 11:47 Barry Schwartz at #ted: "Unwittingly, American society has been engaged in a war on wisdom, with disastrous consequences"

Sat 7 Feb 11:52 schwartz at #ted: "good news, you don't need to be brilliant to be wise. bad news, without wisdom, brilliance isn't enough"

Sat 7 Feb, 12:01 schwartz at #ted: "when professions are demoralized, everyone in them becomes addicted to incentives and stops asking if something is right"

Sat 7 Feb, 12:32 liz coleman at #ted calling for new liberal arts ed, featuring rhetoric, design, mediation, improvisation, quantitative reasoning & tech

Sat 7 Feb, 13:42 spoke to juan enriquez. he considered an update to his poptech presentation, but didn't want to depress the audience entirely at the start of #ted

Sat 7 Feb, 13:49 should #ted have focused more on the economy? chris anderson makes his case

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