Killzone 2

Experience the theater of war in Sony's Killzone 2, a brutal and beautiful first person shooter full of dramatic explosions, enemy soldiers and a well-stocked arsenal of automatic rifles, shotguns and rocket launchers. As Sergeant Sevchenko, you and your military buddies will attempt to stomp the Helghast into extinction. What ensues is an exceptional journey full of nail-biting firefights and last stands. Punishing artificial intelligence forces you to make split-second decisions, while thrilling tank and gun-turret missions keep your hands glued to the controller. Meanwhile, the game's thrilling multiplayer modes let you battle up to 32 players as your warrior morphs into a well-armed killing machine. Its story stumbles to a disappointing conclusion, computer-controlled soldiers need constant reviving and cliched boss fights temporarily derail what is an electrifying ride, but Killzone 2 overcomes these issues with a magnificent and intense video game that every PS3 owner will enjoy.

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