Judy Estrin on What's Next

I had grand plans of nabbing TED attendees and getting them to answer one (maybe two) simple questions to camera. But the conference’s media restrictions being what they are (don’t get me started on this topic), and the pace of the event being what it is, it’s been somewhat tricky. (Even tonight, when I met a ton of interesting people at a dinner celebrating the publication of Acumen Fund’s Jacqueline Novogratz’s wonderful upcoming autobiography, The Blue Sweater, the music was so deafening there was simply no point in filming a second of it.) Anyway, innovation expert Judy Estrin and I chatted for half an hour or so earlier this afternoon, and she graciously answered one of my questions. I’ll blog the rest of our conversation later, as Judy, a technology and innovation advisor on Obama’s policy working group, had a lot to say about innovation that seemed extremely on point. But for now, I’ve got to go to bed, so I’ll leave you with the video. What do you think? Worth persisting if I can grab people? The question, by the way: What Next?

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