Teleflora's Super Bowl Ad Got Best Online Buzz for the Buck

That’s according to a quick study by social media tracker Networked Insights, which looked at the online searches and discussions about each Super Bowl advertiser in the few days before and then after the game. Teleflora saw a jump of 1464% in the number of online mentions the brand got in the days immediately following its Super Bowl ad (I posted it below). In second place was, which got a 738% boost, and after that, which saw online mentions of its brand increase by 594%. Coke Zero finished dead last, with online chatter actually falling 29%.

The firm also tracked what it called “Online Buzz ROI,” which looks at how big a boost each brand got for every $1 million it spent on a Superbowl ad. That way you can compare the results of an advertiser that bought just one spot vs. an advertiser who bought several. Click here for a full rundown of the results.

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