Entrepreneurs Pushing Self-Help: The Experience at NYC's Ultra Light Startups

After a consultant I know mentioned an interesting group here in NYC called Ultra Light Startups, I dropped in on a couple of their monthly meetings. Here’s a story I wrote about one of those evenings.

Tech meetings where entrepreneurs congregate aren’t new, of course. But I thought this was a little slice of life in the downturn. Lots of the folks I spoke with talked about how they want to take their fate into their own hands. And indeed a number of the people I spoke with had been laid off or were thinking of leaving big companies and were starting their own companies.

The way they see to do it is on the ultra cheap, thus Ultra Light Startups. Another point I heard was how the notion of doing things on the cheap also translated for most of the entrepreneurs into maintaining control, rather than giving up slices of a company to outside investors.

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