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Welcome to our new BusinessWeek blog—Unstructured Finance.

Yeah. Yeah. I know what you’re thinking: “Who needs another blog; let alone one about something as discredited as finance.’’ But finance isn’t dead—although some days it may be hard to find a beating pulse. While it’s true that Wall Street is in for a long period of decline, it will come back someday. Even now, as many are burying structured finance and all the exotic securities the Street cranked out, there are people looking to find the next “new, new thing’’ that will generate big bucks. After all, there are a lot of out-of-work investment bankers and derivatives traders with time on their hands.

Our hope is to be ahead of the curve on all things in the world of finance. We’ll be provocative, newsy and even a little irreverent. Right now, we’ll be covering the continuing fallout from the big financial mess that Wall Street has its fingerprints all over. But we’re also on the look for those early signs of the inevitable revival of Wall Street.

Most of all we hope you like what you find here. And we look forward to reading your comments and getting ideas and tips from you as well.

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