Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Nine years after their Nintendo 64 debut, Banjo the bear and his backpack buddy Kazooie return on Xbox 360 with Nuts and Bolts. Instead of playing another platform adventure, you build vehicles, which you then use to collect golden jigsaw pieces and other items in the world of LOG (Lord of Games). The customization shop is one of the game's biggest features, letting you create cars and planes any way you see fit. The gameplay is quite entertaining, even though the steering controls aren't as tight as we expectedare loose. The graphics and music are delightful, and there are lots of jokes, giving a respectful nod to Rare's video games. There's Xbox Live support as well, as you can share blueprints and race up to eight friends online. It may not be the Banjo sequel everyone fans expected, but at least Nuts and Bolts doesn't run out of gas.

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