Activision's X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wolverine is one badass fighting machine. If you don't believe us, check out Activision's upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine, based on the film of the same name. In it, he jumps out of a helicopter in the middle of Africa, just a few seconds before it explodes. He doesn't have time to grab a parachute, so he engages in a 1,000 plus foot freefall. He finally hits the ground, leaving a dusty crater in his wake. After taking a moment to recover, his self-healing ability kicks in. He's then back on his feet, unleashing his adamantium claws on some unlucky soldiers.

That's just one of the epic moments you'll experience in Activision's upcoming game. In this prequel, we learn what the former soldier's all about, how he was created and what he intends to do with his newfound adamantium weapons.

Unlike other comic book games, X-Men Origins: Wolverine features plenty of violence. Ol' Wolvy rips through enemies like tissue paper. He never hesitates in grabbing a guy from the back and ripping through his throat with his claws. There are other moves that spill just as much blood, including a stomach slice that leaves some poor sap's intestines on display.

If for some reason enemies cut Wolverine's health bar down to size, all he needs to do is find a safe spot and it'll automatically regenerate. Just be careful not to lose too much energy on the battlefield.

There are many stages to visit in Wolverine's latest adventure, including an escape from the Weapon X facility where he was made and the aforementioned Africa stage. There will also be new additions, as well as boss encounters with familiar faces from the Marvel lexicon. These include a 100-foot Sentinel, the particle explosive-charging Gambit and Sabertooth, an enemy that's just as relentless as Wolverine.

Although we haven't seen much of the game in action yet, X-Men Origins: Wolverine should stay true to the tone of the action-packed film. To further ensure this, Activision enlisted two of its actors to recreate their roles for the game. Hugh Jackman growls his way through each stage as Wolverine, while Liev Schrieber is a formidable opponent as Sabertooth. We wouldn't be surprised if the game included footage from the movie as well.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine should be one of the better Marvel-licensed games. With its high amount of carnage and excitement, it's doubtful that ol' Wolvy's claws will grow dull. We'll find out in early May when the game slashes its way to stores.

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