A Veteran's Guide to the World Economic Forum

This is my 12th trip to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, that extraordinary and vaguely mysterious gathering of the most powerful political, economic, and cultural leaders on the planet. I've run into (literally) Yasser Arafat (he had sad eyes and an extraordinary proboscis); gotten drunk with Russian oligarchs ("Bruce, you pay taxes for security. In Russia we have no security, so we pay no taxes."); danced with political commentator David Gergen (not literally) at the famous Friday night Google party; argued with Richard Branson about the high price of seats on his Virgin Galactica space flights; and talked with Bono about malaria in Africa at a late-night Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation soirÉe (Bill, Melinda, and Tony Blair were there).

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