2010 Ford Taurus Has Tough Road Ahead

Okay, I haven’t driven the car yet. But pawing over the 2010 Ford Taurus at the North American International Auto Show this week gives me some reason for hope for the U.S. auto industry.

The design of the car inside and out seems just right. It doesn’t try too hard to be suave, like the new Buick Lacrosse. There are no crazy lines on the car. It comes across to me like a Brooks Brothers blazer or a Burberry trench-coat. It has a nice classic look. In fact, it looks like what should have been the redesign of the mid 90s. It would have been a natural progression from the original instead of the flattened football of a car we got.

Launching into the teeth of a Recession, though, and carrying the much battered Taurus badge around on its trunk are conditions that give me pause to worry about how successful it will be.

The original Taurus came out around the same time the Miami Dolphins were really good in the mid 1980s. Dan Marino was QB, and they played in Super Bowl XIX in 1985. The Dolphins the past few years, though, have been awful, trying to figure out who was leading them and what kind of team it would be. Last season, the team went 1-15. And this year, it won the divisional title. No team in history has done that from one year to the next.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that this new Taurus has a shot of doing well. It will just take everyone at Ford doing absolutely everything right as they reintroduce it to the public.

Meantime, here is Ford Americas President Mark Fields talking about the challenge.

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