OS X Trojan in iWork Torrent Downloads

It’s an article of faith among Mac fanboys that their favorite computer is invulnerable to the sort of nasty malware that plagues the Windows world (see this comment thread.) Alas, while Macs are subject to fewer attacks, the days of absolute Mac security are long over—if they ever existed.

Today, security software vendor Intego reports that a trojan it calls OSX.Trojan.iServices.A has turned up in pirated copies of iWork ‘09, available on the torrents. A reason, if one more were needed, to give pirated software a very wide berth. The Intego report is a bit sparse on details, but it looks like iServices.A installs itself as a startup item with root privileges, then looks to a remote server for instructions. Sounds like a good way to turn your shiny Mac into a botnet zombie.

(Intego report brought to my attention by Gizmodo.)

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