Five Questions For Brian Dunn, President, Best Buy

On the face of things, Best Buy looks pretty well placed right now. Arch rival Circuit City filed for bankruptcy in November last year and after it announced its liquidation on Jan 16, BBY’s stock jumped. But retail’s a pretty grim industry right now: Retail sales dropped 2.7% in the U.S. in December as stores reported the worst holiday shopping season in decades, and Best Buy certainly isn’t immune to the impact on consumer spending of a protracted downturn. What a time, then, for Brian Dunn to take over as CEO. Currently President and COO, Dunn is a 23 year veteran of the company, who started as a sales associate back in 1985, when there were a mere 12 stores across the United States (that figure now tops 1,000.) Dunn is coming in to BW on Thursday 29 January to talk to Corporations Editor Matt Boyle about his hopes, fears and plans for the years ahead. We’ll ask five of your questions in a video interview we’ll post here shortly afterwards. So. Tell us. What would you like Dunn to address?

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