Archiving E-mail to Prepare for Electronic Discovery

Although we typically deal with medium to large companies looking to get control of litigation preparedness and e-discovery, we also get questions from smaller corporations. Typically these are in the vein of “How are we supposed to start preparing for possible litigation-driven discovery?” These questions usually come from over-worked IT or litigation support people who have modest resources and no enterprise infrastructure.

My response is the same: By some estimates, approximately 70% to 80% of the information collected during e-discovery is in the form of e-mail, so start there. A key consideration is e-mail archives, as most small businesses don’t typically make the significant investment in enterprise e-mail archive products.

The good news is that the delivery vehicle of software-as-a-service is making e-mail archiving available to small and medium-sized businesses in a predictable, cost-effective manner. For example, Google Apps Security Services is an excellent place to start, and at $25 per year per mailbox for unlimited e-mail archiving, the price is quite attractive.

Not having a billion in revenues is no excuse for not being prepared for e-discovery. Take simple, affordable steps now to minimize your risk by archiving your e-mail and protect your assets from litigation later.

Tom Thimot CEO CaseCentral San Francisco

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