Barack Obama--New President, New Website

Check out the new White House web site launched on the day of the inaugural. It’s got what a really good social media site needs to have. Corporations would be smart to copy the design.

Then check out the new blog.

Communication, Participation and Transparency are its guiding principles. Again, right in the sweet spot of what blogging is all about. Very impressive.

OK. Now what? The President’s blogmaster Macon Phillips has a big job ahead of him. As Jeff Jarvis points out, Obama’s earlier website asked people to send in their policy recommendations. There is no obvious place for that on the site right now. That has to change.

Open sourcing the transition of this economy and polity to a 21st century model requires a bottoms-up approach. Right now, President Obama has a coterie of middle-aged Clintonites who went to grad school decades ago and who cut their policy teeth in the 90s. This is an very different era and he needs to hear from all the people who elected him—especially the Gen Yers.

The same is true of every corporation and university in the nation. Right now, only Dell and Starbucks have a series conversation going on with their consumers over co-creating their future relationship.

Where is the university equivalent?

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