Twitter Bests Digg, Better Interaction, Inclusion?

On a day when the U.S. is celebrating its inclusive spirit, it’s interesting that Hitwise should post data showing that Twitter is outpacing Digg in marketshare for the first time.

So what’s the reason? You could argue that Digg and Twitter are similar in that to a certain extent they’re both about crowdsourcing news and updates, using the power of the many to aggregate together what’s important.

But it strikes me that one big distinction between Twitter and Digg is that Twitter is more inclusive. It’s a little big more like how we interact as humans. You just say whatever you want to say on Twitter. And rather than waiting and watching to see if others vote on what your put up there to see if you’re some kind of influencer, it’s more the everyday actions of other people who might be twittering on the same thing as you that adds momentum to the news or updates.

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