Reducing Lighting Costs

As more of us look for ways we can reduce our energy consumption, both individually and within our businesses, indoor lighting is becoming a major issue. For small businesses, the following tips can be easily implemented with quick results:

• Explore your options. New fluorescents are available that are brighter, consume less power, and last longer. Using adapters, you can mount them on existing fluorescent infrastructure.

• Don’t go overboard. Many businesses have lighting systems installed that produce more light than needed. There are simple lighting guidelines that measure the needed light for different work environments. You can also have your space evaluated by a lighting technician.

• Harness the power of the sun. It might be worthwhile buying solar panels and feeding energy back to the grid. Doing so can provide tax breaks and allow you to market your efforts to make your business “green.”

Noah Meiri Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Magink Technologies Israel

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