A Resource Guide for the Unemployed

The U.S. unemployment rate hit 8.1% in February, and some economists expect it to reach double digits by yearend. Over the past four months, 2.6 million payroll jobs have been lost nationwide. Navigating and understanding unemployment is an anxious task. The following are resources for managers and employees from BusinessWeek and other sources.

Job-Hunting Realities: What 'No' Really Means Don't be demoralized when an employer turns you down. The reasons behind a rejection usually have more to do with the company than with you

Career Advancement in Tough Times Experts say: Focus on helping the company, don't attack rivals, and know the pressures on your boss

Tough Times for Managers, Too Many employees are feeling unsure and discouraged. Managers need to help people in their companies adjust to new realities

Downsizing 101 Charged with giving the bad news? Here are your ethical responsibilities

Recession-Proof Jobs A 2008 report shows that tech-related positions are safe bets right now, especially software developer. But sales positions are solid, too

Timing a Layoff to Get Severance If your company hasn't offered you a bonus to stay until layoffs begin, start looking for a job now

Now Severance Packages Are on the Chopping Block As the economy swoons, some companies are cutting workforces—and severance benefits

Video: Retirees Looking for Work With a lot less money to draw from in their retirement, many retirees are out looking for jobs

How Much Unemployment Pay You Get—and Whether You Qualify The benefits offered to unemployed workers—and whether your job situation qualifies for benefits at all—vary greatly from state to state

BusinessWeek Topic Exchange: Unemployment This topic tracks the latest news that projects future numbers, identifies repercussions, and looks at private and public fixes

U.S. Labor Dept.: Unemployment Insurance The Labor Dept.'s Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs provide unemployment benefits to eligible workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own and who meet certain other eligibility requirements

Concise Encyclopedia of Economics: Unemployment Few economic indicators are of more concern to Americans than unemployment statistics. Reports that unemployment rates are dropping make us happy; reports to the contrary make us anxious. But just what do unemployment figures tell us? Are they reliable measures? What influences joblessness?

National Employment Law Project Online forum created after the 2001 recession for the nation's jobless and underemployed workers

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