Don't Overlook Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals

If you are looking to get more from your search engine marketing investment, take the time to evaluate and fine-tune your campaigns. You may have overlooked some fundamental tactics that can measurably improve your results. Here are a few to get you started.

Tactic 1: Expand your keyword list. Brainstorming an intuitive set of keywords related to your products or services is the best way to start your campaign. You can easily expand your intuitive list by using the search engine’s keyword tool or other tools available on the Internet like Wordtracker, HitWise, and Keyword Discovery. Bid on as many relevant keywords as you can. Expanding your keyword bidding list will allow you to get more traffic for less if you bid on less popular yet relevant keywords.

Tactic 2: Promote specific products or product categories separately. Search engines like Google and Yahoo allow you to create several ad groups inside your campaign. This also allows you to use specific keywords and ad copy targeted to each product or category you want to promote. Each click-through should direct your visitor to the specific product you are promoting. You’ll find out that you can get higher click-through rates when your ads contain the specific keywords you are targeting in an ad group. You may also find that smaller, more targeted keyword groups are easier to manage.

Tactic 3: Advertise locally. If your business is focused on a particular geographic area, use keyword terms such as city, state, or metro area to attract those searching for nearby providers. You may find out that adding a particular location to your list of keywords can turn out to be less expensive and bring you more targeted customers.

Experiment with one or more of these simple tactics and you will likely be rewarded for your time and effort.

Dorab Patel, PhD Founder and Chief Technology Officer MatchCraft Santa Monica, California

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