The Social Value of Twitter.

The Sociology of Social Media is a new frontier for us and Twitter is beginning to show how new forms of networks evolve, perform and benefit its members. David Armano at Critical Mass is one of the folks at the center of social media and he’s doing fascinating work in it. Recently, he Twittered for help for a family in need—and received an outpouring of aid from his vast Twitter network. That is the power of network.

Then there is the insight of network. David’s piece on the Innovation & Design site really digs into what he calls the new ROI—Return on Insight. Twitter and other social media networks are great ways to Listen, Learn and Adapt your product/brand to consumer desires/needs.

I’m guessing you could probably do the same for student networks in college, high school and maybe even first grade these days. Ditto for patients with various kinds of illnesses. Or old folks in assisted living.

Twitter and other social media are developing into enormous tools of innovation—if you have the ability to listen, learn and adapt. These have always been core competencies for designers. Now they must become core competencies for everyone.

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