Ford's Mulally Still Likes Ka for U.S.--Detroit Auto Show

Ford CEO Alan Mulally says he still likes the tiny European Ka for the U.S. portfolio. His senior staff isn’t so sure. Global product chief Derrick Kuzak and chief marketing officer James Farley get suspiciously quiet, and you can almost see their eyes roll when the subject comes up. Kuzak even smirks over it.

The Ka is a bit of a cause with Mulally. But he says he defers to Kuzak on such things in the end. However, let’s not forget, Mulally pretty much brought the Taurus back to life by his sheer will.

Ford insiders say there is no business case for Federalizing the Ka for U.S. safety and emissions, and pricing it for profit in the U.S. after its gets exported from Europe.

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