Goldman Sachs Hiring Marketing Chief

Goldman Sachs is searching for a new global head of brand marketing. Does this mean a Goldman Sachs ad campaign isn’t too far behind?

According to a job description I got my hands on, Goldman Sachs is looking for a marketer with “15-20 years of experience creating…multinational marketing programs” who will, in the first year on the job, “actively participate, collaborate, and shape a messaging and brand strategy reflects today’s dynamics and the firm’s leadership role in helping to define it.” Leaving aside the awkwardness of that sentence, it sounds to me like Goldman wants a brand campaign to burnish its image during these troubled times.

The position is not actually in the C-suite (the official title is “Managing Director, Director of Global Marketing, Brand Marketing Group”) but instead reports to Goldman Sachs partner Lucas Van Praag, the bank’s worldwide head of communications. It comes with a staff of 15 people. The search is being conducted by recruiter Korn/Ferry International. No word yet on who the leading candidates are, or if there are any yet.

David May, who held the position prior to this, was moved out to run marketing and communications at Goldman’s investment management division in late 2008, according to a source at the company. Goldman Sachs wouldn’t comment, other than to confirm the existence of the job search.

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