Castlevania Judgment

Castlevania Judgment is one of Konami's worst games for several reasons. For example, you waggle your controller to attack in this fighting game, with only a quarter of them hitting your opponents. Then, half the time you can't use special items properly because they either don't have the proper range or miss your opponent entirely. Even if you use a Classic Controller, it gets nowhere fast. Below average graphics, sloppy animations, bland backgrounds and a camera that spins so much it made us nauseous only add to the pain. None of the modes offer significant replay value either. Story Mode is utterly boring and Survival Mode plods along with room after room of lifeless challenges. Online play through the Wi-Fi Connection is also here, but isn't worth the time. Not only does it take forever to set up a match (much less finding a friend who wants to play), but some characters dominate others unfairly, such as Maria over Alucard. The only thing that escapes unscathed is the excellent soundtrack. When it comes to Castlevania, Konami should stick with 2-D adventures (like the superb Order of Ecclesia) and stay out of the fighting ring.

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