Bad Ads, Designer Jeans Department: I Am Putting This Online In Order To Get These Images Out Of My Head

I just finished a column (update: it’s here), which will be online later this week, which features an individual who’s been involved in selling designer jeans for quite some time.

Because of this-that-and-the-other, I used the column as an excuse to dredge up a bunch of circa-1980 designer denim ads from YouTube. And—surprise!—they’re even weirder than you remember.

We knew this one was awful even back then . . .

. . . but that didn’t stop them from making a sequel.

This one puzzled the hell out of the prepubescent Fine On Media, and while a certain dorkiness of the male lead now clearly shows through, it’s still pretty strikingly strange.

It also served as the source material for my most favorite ad parody of all time, which is saying something. Take it away, SCTV.

I actually couldn't track down what I recalled as the weirdest ones of all--the strikingly inept ads that Cotler ran in the New York media market in the early eighties, only on non-network stations and only late at night. Tagline: "Cotler's pants for the right stance."

If anyone's got a line on them, holler back.