Who should we profile as social media maven? Your suggestions...

Here's the list of those nominated as a

Here’s the list of those nominated as a “voice of innovation” in social media. My favorite answer of all was a curmudgeonly tweet from Charlie O’Donnell, who asked a very good question:

“Who do… BW readers NEED to know about?” Isn’t the point of SocMedia was that we didn’t all need to have the same answer?

True, true. Maybe the point isn’t that you need to know about a certain social media savant, but that I must profile one. So, please take a look at this list, and if you have time, tell me why one or another of these people should be featured in BW. Thanks. (click for list)

Mark Cramer Lee Odden Peter Shankman (aka Skydiver) Jeff Pulver Linus Torvalds Ward Cunningham Tim O'Reilly Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus Richard Edelman Dave Winer Chico the Dog Simon Berry Jay Rosen David Chamberlain Honey Bee network A top-10 list Lawrence Lessig Tristan Harris, Apture Steve Rubel Robin Good Marshall Kirkpatrick Richard MacManus Rachel Sterne Gary Vaynerchuk Liz Strauss Craig Stoltz Shel Holtz Andy Carvin Shel Israel Laura Fitton Jeremiah Owyang Fred Wilson Guy Kawasaki Jason Goldberg Chris Brogan David Weinberger Kevin Rose Robert Scoble Chris Hughes B. L. Ochman Beth Kanter Biz Stone Mohammad Yunus Shannon Paul Tim Jackson Amber Naslund Jason Falls Beth Harte David Armano Mack Collier Brian Solis Rashmi Sinha Bob Pearson Frank Eliason Seth Godin Ev Williams Kathy Sierra Hugh MacLeod Chris Bruzzo (MyStarbucksIdea)

some later additions:

Kevin Dugan Charlene Li Amber Naslund Louis Gray Noah Brier Ross Borden Lindsay Lebresco Lionel Menchaca (Dell) Bert DuMars (Newell Rubbermaid) Christine Morrison (Intuit) Natalie Johnson (GM) Christopher Barger (GM) Michael Brito (Intel) Tara Hunt Lisa Stone Elisa Camahort Jory Des Jardins Susan Mernit Emily McKahnn and Cooper Munroe Tony Hsieh (Zappos)

I have a lengthy list from Helen featuring nominees who handle social media at big companies. I looked up quite a few (above) but didn't include ones I could find only as names on press releases. If there are corporate social media leaders who are doing innovative things, please send along with a brief explanation of what they're doing and a link to their blog or profile. thanks.

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