BW story: Free labor economy

Here’s a piece I wrote on the free labor economy. The idea is that companies have to come up with new HR skills and incentives to engage free laborers, especially online. It’s central to the business plans of lots of companies, including one I focus on, ThisNext.

This story has a long and convoluted history. I was working on it last summer. And like many stories from that time, it seemed a bit less relevant after Lehman Bros than before. So I decided to chop it down, rework it, and put it up online over the holidays. It’s a move to clean the 2008 slate and start with new stuff in 2009.

The next project? You can help me there (speaking of free labor…) by visiting our Ning community or the Vox Stimuli blog and sharing your ideas about how Obama and Co. should spend hundreds of billions in stimulus dollars. (Actually, if you don’t feel like clicking, you can leave your thoughts right here. I can aggregate the ideas from wherever.)

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