It's a Wonderful Life Indeed

My favorite movie, hands down, is It’s a Wonderful Life. Director Frank Capra’s tale of a small town banker who realizes in the midst of a banking panic who his true friends are is holiday classic for good reason.

I got this email advice recently from life coach Patrick Wanis:

“George Bailey experiences an epiphany and has a renewed zest for life. We can do the same but we must first lower our expectations and let go of the myths that even the movie created while still seeing the beauty and magic that does exist. Yes, we all would love to have the perfect family and perfect life but we must accept that it simply doesn’t exist.

Learn to become grateful for whatever you have and to become aware of your significance. If all you have is your health, be thankful for that; if it is cold outside, be grateful that you are warm and have shelter. If you are feeling alone, useless or invisible, write a list of the people whose life or lives you are impacting in a positive way. If you cannot come up with one name, then go out and donate one hour to serving at a soup kitchen or the like. You will realize how you can bring joy to others and you will realize that your life isn’t so bad after all.”

“May your Holidays be blessed and may you find love, joy and inner peace,” he concludes.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Happy Holidays!

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