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We launched this blog six months ago to the day. One of our goals was to build connections among small business owners — a broad gaggle of folks that encompasses everyone from the mom-and-pop restaurant to the Silicon Valley tech wizard to the professional consultant working out of her home.

Some of the ideas we’ve gotten from your comments and emails have been great. You’ve given us leads to stories and reports from the ground. This kind of interaction is useful for all journalists, but it’s essential for small business reporters, because the community of people and companies we write about is so wide. Unlike most reporters at BusinessWeek, we’re not following particular companies or industries or markets or economic indicators. So we depend on you for ideas, leads, comments, and criticism. We’re reporters, not small business owners, and no one can tell us better about what’s happening to entrepreneurs today than you.

So in an effort to sustain and expand our community, you can now find us on Twitter at, where we look forward to following some of you. You can also get the New Entrepreneur by RSS, subscribe to small biz stories in RSS or sign up for the weekly small biz email newsletter. (If you don’t use an RSS reader, it’s a simple way to track the many sites you read regularly. Here’s a good quick introduction.)

Anyway, aside from promoting our new home on twitter, we wanted to thank you for reading and participating. With the world the way it is today, there will be plenty of interesting small business stories to hear and tell in the year ahead. Hope you’ll join us.

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