Robert Parker's Vintage Chart 2000-2007

The renowned wine expert breaks down major wine-growing regions by year and ranking to help you find the bestand avoid the worstwines

Above find our Wine Advocate Vintage Guide for the last seven vintages. Vintage charts should be regarded as a very general overall rating slanted in favor of what the finest producers were capable of producing in a particular viticultural region. Such charts are often filled with exceptions to the rule: astonishingly good wines from skillful or lucky vintners in years rated mediocre and thin; diluted, characterless wines from incompetent or greedy producers in great years. However, knowing what the best vintages are does make a difference, and stacks the odds in favor of the consumer who is choosing from a restaurant's wine list or going into a wine shop totally blind. Print and take along the next time you buy wine. Enjoy!

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