Who's the "voice of innovation" in social media?

For a while now, we've been running the rather lovely

For a while now, we’ve been running the rather lovely “Voices of Innovation” series, featuring the likes of the inventor of the Captcha, Luis von Ahn, sustainable design activist Majora Carter and Nachiket Mor of ICICI’s Foundation for Inclusion Growth.

We’re continuing the series into next year, so BusinessWeek’s social media maven, Steve Baker and I have been discussing potential candidates. Then it struck me. Duh! Surely we should use social media to gather ideas and suggestions for the person we profile? So, we’re trying it. Who is truly the most innovative force within social media? Who’s really making a difference? Who really gets it? Who do you think your fellow BusinessWeek readers NEED to know about? The candidate Steve and I consider most worthwhile will be featured in a short profile and video we run in the Innovation channel.

All suggestions will be considered until Jan 16. Please include a website or some way for us to check out the work of the person you’re recommending — and let us know why s/he, in particular, gets your vote.

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