Is Your E-mail Eco-friendly?

Whether it is a matter of mistrusting computer backups or simply because of the habit of wanting to touch the words we are reading, computers and e-mail have actually increased the amount of paper used in offices. As business owners, we have an opportunity to save the paper that is being used to print out e-mail messages.

Paper-saving practices you can consider are:

• Print only what you need. • Don’t automatically print all pages of a document without reviewing the entire document and selecting only what you need. • If you need only a brief item of information, make a note of it in your PDA or planner. • Make wider margins and single space documents when possible. • When printing, print two pages to a page. • File electronically. • Use both sides of the paper. • Use the "track changes" feature to edit and comment on documents. • Add "Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail" to your e-mail auto signature.

The most important practice, of course, is to think before you print.

Even though trees are a renewable resource, the fewer we have to renew, the better for the environment. Set a goal to print as few items as possible, and at least 50% less than what you print in a normal day. Just think of the impact!

Marsha Egan Reading, Pa.

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