Vox Simuli launches: Lend your vox

BusinessWeek's new blog, Vox Stimuli, asks for ideas about how to spend $500 billion in stimulus funds. The blog needs work. Ideas?

We’ve launched the Vox Stimuli blog. The idea is to get people to contribute ideas about how the Obama administration should spend hundreds of billions of dollars in stimulus spending. We’ll debate the ideas online, and then print a bunch of them in the paper edition next month.

This blog needs work. If you go there with an idea, you’ll find a bunch of posts by me and Peter Elstrom, and no place to post your own idea. For now (ie. today), it’ll just have to be a comment. But we have to make posting easier. One idea is to open up a comment box on the righthand side of the blog, right under the “About” intro. In any case, if you have ideas on how to improve it, and make it more interactive, please share.

Originally we were thinking about something closer to a Wiki or a social network. That’s when we set up our Ning community. Everyone can go there, join in about one minute flat, and then blog, comment, dive into forums, etc. The Ning is fine, and if you visit and can add ideas there, terrific. But we also wanted to do something on the BW site with more of a focus on four major areas of spending (health care, infrastructure, green energy, education) and the technology available was for blogging. It’s a work in progress.

One feature we’d like to add is a stream of Tweets on the issues. If you had time to take a look at the two sites and throw in your ideas, I’d appreciate it.

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