JC Penney DogHouse Hits Right Viral Mark

The JC Penney

The JC Penney “Doghouse Video” is just the right use of viral video from a big advertiser.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, the long-form video has just enough edge that wouldn’t make it into the inspid TV ads that get cleared for broadcast.

The grubby guy who says he landed in the doghouse for telling his wife that her Mom looked hot in a bikini, I suspect, would not have made into a broadcast ad. But it’s funny here and separates the online content from TV in just the right way without making the advertiser look bad.

The 4:44 running time may seem long, but it isn’t. It goes by fast, and no time is wasted. The other smart aspect is the seasonality, making it one of the hottest pass-along videos of the month.

The film is well acted. But one thing missing, I thought, was maybe the addition of a few well-chosen celebrity cameos. Maybe one of the judges could have been a cast-member from The View?

I recall one year that my Dad put his gifts for my Mother in a brand new clothes basket because one of the ones my Mother was using had broken handles. Amid the perfume, a watch and a few other niceties was a small box with corn-holders and butter brushes. We still talak about that Christmas in my family.

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