Latest Census Data Shows Winners and Losers

Newspapers and TV stations across the country have been having a field day with latest Census data. The bureau is reporting information every three years—rather than every ten. It includes such stats as the twenty fastest growing mid-sized counties. Lincoln County South Dakota, congrats. In addition to steller population growth, Lincoln County residents are getting smarter. The number of people 25 and over with a bachelor’s degree there increased 82%

Not the everyone in South Dakota is happy about the data. Bloggers at the Madville Times are noting what a disaster the Bush years have been for the country, including 77% of cities showing their median income drop since 2000.

Folks in Muskegon, Michigan (that’s it in the photo) aren’t too happy either. According to the census data, the City of Muskegon was the hardest hit in the country by job losses. Muskegon led the entire nation in unemployment in the period 2005 through 2007 with a jobless rate of 22.1% That was more than triple Muskegon’s rate at the time of the 2000 census. Detroit came in a close second with 21.6% unemployment.

Locals say the census bureau results for Muskegon were more than double the official unemployment rates reported by the State of Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Growth for the same years.

Two Ohio towns were listed amount the poorest in the nation. Folks in Oxford and Athens say they are unfairly ranked because of their large student populations.

And guess what, Long Island, N.Y. is more diverse. The Asian population of that original master planned community Levittown nearly doubling to 5%. Some cities on the island are seeing their Hispanic population top 60%. The white population of Harlem also doubled during the tracking period. That doesn’t count former president Bill Clinton who merely offices there.

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